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Avengers Theme Birthday Decoration Kit(75Pcs)

₹ 549.00 ₹ 749.00

Avengers Theme Birthday Decoration Kit(75Pcs)

₹ 549.00 ₹ 749.00
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  • SKU: PD7224
  • Brand: PartyDecor Mall
  • Type: Party Supply Kits
  • Availability: In Stock
  • In this package you’ll get 75Pieces
  • Package Includes
    1. 1Set Avengers Theme Birthday Banner
    2. 6Pcs Avengers Theme Dangler
    3. 15Pcs Latex Red Balloons (10 Inches)
    4. 15Pcs Latex Blue Balloons (10 Inches)
    5. 15Pcs Dark Green Balloons (10 Inches)
    6. 15Pcs Latex Black Balloons (10 Inches)
    7. 15Pcs Yellow Balloons (10 Inches)
    8. 5Pcs Silver Chrome Balloons (12 Inches)
    9. 1Pcs Arch Strip
    10. 1Pcs Glue Drop

Foil Balloon

For use with Air

  • Insert the inflating tube into the balloon opening at the base of the balloon. Blow into the inflating tube to inflate the balloon.
  • Once fully inflated, remove the inflating tube from the balloon whilst running your fingers down the balloon opening to seal the balloon.
  • Attach the balloons together using the non-metallic ribbon supplied. You can tab the balloons on to the walls using the sticky dots supplied.
  • If the balloon starts to deflate, simply follow the steps to re-inflate the balloon fully.

For use with helium

  • Follow steps above using a helium canister instead of air.
  • Please ensure the balloons are attached with weights to keep it from floating away.
  • Do not release the helium-filled balloons outdoors.

Latex Balloon

Latex Balloons supplied by PartyDecor Mall in decoration kits are of good quality, they are thicker than the ones that are commonly available and can support all-day parties. The balloons are made up of natural latex and are safe for Children.

Paper Cut-Out & Card Stock Banners

Paper Cut-Outs, Birthday banners or any Card Stock Product included in the kit are made up of high quality lightweight 250GM cardstock material which is sturdy enough to be use multiple times.

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