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Love Shape Letter Foil Balloon with Rose Gold Confetti and Rose Gold Metallic Balloons for Birthday Wedding Valentine’s Day (21 piece)

₹ 399.00 ₹ 799.00

Love Shape Letter Foil Balloon with Rose Gold Confetti and Rose Gold Metallic Balloons for Birthday Wedding Valentine’s Day (21 piece)

₹ 399.00 ₹ 799.00
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In this package you’ll get 21 pieces Love Diy Kit.
Foil balloons can be deflated & reused as shown in the picture.
18″ Rose Gold Star Foil Balloon – 1 Pcs
18″ Heart Shape Foil Balloon – 2 Pcs
Large Size Rose Gold Foil Balloon – 1 Pcs
10″ Rose Gold Metallic Balloon – 10 Pcs
12″ Rose Gold Confetti Balloon – 7 Pcs
Glue Drop Strip – 100 Drop


Foil Balloons
Foil Balloons are very easy to inflate using a straw provided with the kit or any drinking straw. It supports both normal air and helium which can be filled be going to the nearest helium filling store if you want to use floating balloons for your decors. Foil Balloons are self-sealing; it will be sealed automatically once to finished filling the air. Please note that you should only fill 80-85% of the total capacity for long life of foil balloons as it may get blast if over filled.
These are reusable balloons, you just have to insert the straw into the valve and squeeze the air out of the balloon lightly and keep it folded for your next party decoration. Also keep it away from direct sunlight and sharp objects or surfaces.
These Balloons are made up of high quality & biodegradable aluminum foil.
Please Note: Colors may differ a bit as shown in the pictures as it depends on the lighting conditions ate the current place.
Confetti Balloons
Confetti Balloons provided with the kit are made up of high quality and non-toxic latex material which is least harmful to human bodies. These are clear balloons filled up with very nice and shiny aluminium foil confetti which looks great once inflated.
Confetti Balloons provide a different grace to your party decorations, you may use these balloons for any kind of party decorations like birthdays, engagements, anniversaries, baby showers, kid’s birthdays, baby welcome, etc.
Tips to Blow the Confetti Balloon
Release the rubber band from the mouth of the balloon which is provided to keep confetti safe inside the balloon.
Sprinkle 5-6 drops of water inside the balloon before blowing which enables the confetti spread evenly inside the balloon.
Inflate the balloon using a pump or manually and create a knot at the mouth of the balloon and you are done with an amazing clear balloon with shiny confetti inside.
Latex Balloons
Latex balloons in the kit provided are made up of high quality, non-toxic natural latex and is least harmful to people and kids.
These balloons are perfect for any kind of party decorations like birthday parties, anniversary parties decors, baby showers, etc.
Latex Balloons can be filled with air & helium gas both as required. You may get the balloons filled with helium gas from a nearest helium filling stores to get the floating balloons. We do not recommend hydrogen gas to be filled for floating balloons due to its highly flammable nature.
You may blow up to 80-85% of the total balloon capacity as mentioned on the kit, a 10-inch balloon can be inflated till 9.5 inches or last 10 inches to avoid balloon burst.  Also keep them away from sharp objects and kids below 3 years.
Glue Dots
A glue dot strip contains 100 glue dots which can be used to paste the balloons together or the ceiling or the walls. The glue drop is dedicatedly made up for balloons only and leaves no mark on the walls or the ceiling after the party décor, you just have to remove the balloon and glue from from the wall and it will come out very easily.
Please make sure that you put the glue drop on the clean surface as it might fall down due to dirt present on the wall or the ceiling.
Glue dots are easy to use and create a wonderful party décor and easy to remove and minimize the use of tapes which leave a very bad mark on the ceilings, walls or your precious furniture. Also these are transparent glue dots and not visible which makes them perfect for any kind of birthday party decorations.

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