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Party Decor Mall Merry Christmas Theme Foil Balloons ( 6Pcs )

₹ 499.00 ₹ 699.00

Party Decor Mall Merry Christmas Theme Foil Balloons ( 6Pcs )

₹ 499.00 ₹ 699.00
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  • SKU: PD7280
  • Brand: PartyDecor Mall
  • Type: Party Supply Kits
  • Availability: In Stock
  • In this package of foil balloons ( 6Pcs )
  • Package includes
    • 1Set Merry Christmas Banner
    • Christmas Tree Foil Balloon (Large Size)
    • Santa Foil Balloon (Large Size)
    • Candy Stick Foil Balloon (Large Size)
    • Snow Man Foil Balloon (Large Size)
    • Glue Drop
  • Perfect for decorating merry christmas parties.
  • Self sealing high quality foil balloons which can be easily blown using a straw provided with the package and sealed by itself to hold the air tightly.
  • Helium/Air supported balloons
  • Can be easily inflated using the straw provided with the package
  • Foil balloons can be deflated & reused as shown in the picture.
  • Made of durable aluminium foil, the balloons are strong and long lasting, non-toxic and harmless. You only need to inflate all balloons with an air pump or helium tank. You can hang the balloons on the ceiling, mount on the walls and window, or can be used for table centrepieces.
  • You may order similar-colored latex (metallic, pastel, chrome) balloons to make a nice arrangement.
  • You may blow the balloon and stick to the wall using transparent tape or glue drop

Foil Balloons

These are reusable balloons, you just have to insert the straw into the valve and squeeze the air out of the balloon lightly and keep it folded for your next party decoration. Also keep it away from direct sunlight and sharp objects or surfaces.

These Balloons are made up of high quality & biodegradable aluminum foil.

Please Note: Colors may differ a bit as shown in the pictures as it depends on the lighting conditions ate the current place.

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