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Superhero Theme- Thankyou Sticker (6 CM/Sticker/Mixcolour/24Pcs)

₹ 299.00 ₹ 349.00

Superhero Theme- Thankyou Sticker (6 CM/Sticker/Mixcolour/24Pcs)

₹ 299.00 ₹ 349.00
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  • SKU: PD7943
  • Brand: PartyDecor Mall
  • Type: Party Supplies
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Theme Superhero Return gift stickers are small adhesive labels that are used to mark and personalize gift bags or boxes that are given as party favors or thank you gifts. The product content of return gift stickers typically includes:
Material: The Superhero stickers are made from adhesive paper and easy to stick onto gift bags or boxes.
Design: Return gift stickers come in a circular shaped Superhero design. The designs comes with Superhero and simple text such as "Thank you" or "Happy Birthday" written on it.
Adhesive quality: The adhesive quality of the stickers is an important factor to consider. Party Decor Mall stickers are Good quality stickers have a strong adhesive that sticks well to the gift bag or box and does not come off easily.
Party Decor Mall return gift stickers are a fun and creative way to personalize party favors and thank you gifts, Superhero designs to suit different occasions and preferences.
- Set of {24Pieces} Superhero Theme return Gift Stickers
- Made of Sticker sheet

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